As an experienced Corporate Consultant, Dr. Piso is well-versed in the nuances of navigating successfully through company policy, personnel and politics to design and implement programs that ensure success in a multitude of environments.

Corporate ConsultingSometimes, a view from the outside can bring an objective, renewing breath of fresh air. Often, companies and their employees are so busy living and working inside an existing corporate culture that the idea of making progress, or any form of change, can be a challenge.

Whether your goals are to empower specific individuals or to engender systemic change within the broader organizational structure, Piso and Associates will provide the catalyst to move you forward in a positive, proactive manner so that everyone involved will feel renewed, refreshed and recharged!

Our breadth of experience allows us to offer relevant opinions and suggestions on tactics and strategy for internal or external use.

As a Corporate Trainer, Dr. Piso focuses on the transfer of life and business management skills and offers customized training seminars for your staff on these and other topics:

• Preventing Workplace Violence
• Sexual Harassment
• Time Management
• 10 Steps on the Wellness Path toward Thriving
• Forming Wellness Lifestyle Habits
• Corporate Health and Stress
• Re-Writing Your Life Script
• Violence Prevention and Peer Mediation Training
• Leading Excellence Into Action
• The Effective Manager Series
• Interpersonal Effectiveness
• Developing Your Vision, Mission, and Values
• Cultural Diversity
• Developing Healthy Self-Esteem