Any of our services can be customized to meet your corporate, organizational or individual needs.

Depending on the situation, different topics can be relevant to different people.

Corporate Human Resource Manager
• Cultural Transformation Consultation
• Conflict Mediation and Resolution
• Critical Incident Debriefing
• Executive Coaching and Remediation
• Workforce Training
(e.g., Sexual Harassment)

Business Owner
• Creating your Vision, Mission, and Values
• Developing your Strategic Business Development Plan
• Leadership Development (i.e., to inspire followership and loyalty)
• Entrepreneurship and Creativity

University Representative
• Course Instruction and Orientation (i.e., especially for first year students)
• “Dream of Life…Live Your Dream – A Manual of Skills for Living for Today’s Young Adults” as Course Textbook
• Workshops: Coping with Transition and Change, Meeting the Challenges of Early Adulthood, Stress Management

Development Services
• Consultation
• Keynote Presentations
• Executive Coaching
• Training

Psychological Services
• Evaluation
• Psychotherapies
• Case Consultation
• Clinical Supervision
• Clinical Training
• Personal Life Coaching

• Policy Manuals
• Job Descriptions

Craig is not only an outstanding communicator, educator, therapist and writer; he is also a very caring and sensitive human being. His most recent book Healthy Power should be mandatory reading for every counseling student.

Sharon Bartolini Executive director at Educational Opportunity Centers, Inc.

Craig Piso is one of the most amazing people I have ever encountered. His knowledge of the human experience as it relates to every day and professional life is extraordinary. His public speaking skills and ability to “touch” his audience is just one of his many talents. I am very proud to know Craig and to endorse him 100% as a teacher, coach, writer, speaker and mentor.

Debi Dilling InSite Marketing & Consulting

Craig is a psychologist with a special interest in the dynamics of medical professionals and how they tick. He has provided numerous insights that have helped me on a professional level to learn how to improve my relations with patients, staff, and colleagues.

Richard Schulze Eye Surgeon at Schulze Eye Center

Craig is an intelligent, intuitive and results-oriented individual who delivers results in a measurable manner. If you require human resource development, leadership enhancement or implementation strategies for operating in an uncertain economic world, Craig is the person who can substantively and measurably help. He is a quality individual and I highly value the work we’ve done and results we’ve achieved.

Robert Snyder Training Director at The Walt Disney Company

Craig’s expertise in the field of mental toughness and visualization was a life changing experience for me. He taught my team and I techniques that not only helped us be successful in the specific task at hand, but tips that can be used for other facets of life as well.

Taylor Filasky Founder at The Modern Gypsies

Craig’s expertise in organizational psychology was extremely beneficial to our organization and was instrumental in helping us through a complicated transition. The activities that he facilitated were a key foundation for our subsequent succession planning.

Peter Polack President, Emedikon LLC

Craig helped to unravel a complex situation and ameliorate difficult interpersonality issues that impaired organizational operations.

Robert Wright The Commonwealth Medical College

Craig is a life coach for business and personal. His counseling skills far exceed our expectations each time we hire him.

Carmen McCloud Administrator at Precision Eye Care

I have known Craig for a number of years and am continually impressed with his professionalism, knowledge, experience, and encouraging and generous spirit. He always goes far beyond what is expected of him as he artfully accommodates his approach to the group he’s working with. Craig gets results. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Sharon Bartolini Executive Director at Educational Opportunity Centers, Inc.

Craig has been to our office a few times now. Each time he has come it has been an excellent experience. We have a practice of three physicians. Craig has come in with his calm demeanor, knowledge, and creative ideas and has helped immensely with the physicians relationships with one another and staff morale. I would definitely recommend his services.

Pamela Kennedy Volunteer at Young Faith In Christ

Craig is an excellent trainer who matches the program with the client needs.

Laura Katrenicz Special Asst to President for Policy & Staff Development

Craig and I worked together on his most recent book, which is chock full of helpful advice on finding your own path to building healthy power. As his editor, I found Craig open-minded to my suggestions and ideas and responsive to my queries. It was a pleasure working with him, and I look forward to his next book.

Cynthia Rosso Owner at Cynthia Rosso Consulting Services

Craig is exceptional in improving group dynamics, especially at the “C” level. He has the gift to quickly understand a situation and present the sometimes “hard to take news” in a way not to offend or put someone on the defensive, but as a realization they must take ownership and act if they expect change. He also will help them formulate the plan to do just that. I highly recommend Craig to any organization who is looking to create a “healthy” culture.

Phil Amend V.P. at OneSource H.R. Solutions

Craig’s knowledge of being able to relate the human experience to professional life is extraordinary. He can relate to various situations and always approaches them level headed. Craig always offers that encouraging word that truely makes a defference in your day.

Robert Haas Compliance/QA Manager at Eye Care Specialists

Craig is a passionate and effective psychologist who excells at creating change in a group setting.

Mary Ghilani 

Career Services Director and Author

Craig is a great industrial pyschologist who quickly gains respect from staff. He did a terrific job for us facilitating the team building portion of a strategic planning retreat. Craig enabled the owners to have the trust & confidence in one another that they needed to focus on the business of strategic planning.

Fran Swartwout Practice Administrator at Chester County Eye Care Associates

I met Craig a few years ago in Hawaii with a presentation he had done; he is in every respect motivational and empowering with his speaking engagements. From there I was able to work with him in a practice where he was instrumental in creating harmony between partners that had discord and were heading in a direction that was not beneficial to either party. With Craig’s work, he transitioned the negative environment into one that is now flourishing. He is truly inspirational and a pleasure to work with, I look forward to working with him again, and I would highly recommend him to work with practices that are seeking motivational workshops for physicians and staff members or to regenerate a practice that is in need of his services.

Tracy Kenniff Pratice Administrator at Eye & LASIK Center

It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Craig Piso.
I found Craig Piso to be knowledgeable, professional, and responsive in all our dealings with him.
I look forward to working together in the future and to offering his workshops again.
I would like to thank him for his time and professionalism.

Penka Farina Coordinator, Continuing Professional Education, Workforce and Community Development

Craig provided outstanding counsel to clients in the New Choices/New Option Career Development Program for Single Parents. He connected well with the students, assisted them with creative problem solving techniques, and instructed students in goal setting and positive thinking strategies.

Ann Saxton Title III Coordinator at Luzerne County Community College

Craig is very good at educating and assisting with the team building . He has exceptional insight into human behavior and can help member of a team understand their role and the dynamics of the group. He’s style is collaborative and informative for management and staff.

Sheila Petras Consultant

Craig is an extremely effective counselor working with both individuals and groups. Some of his strengths include grief and disaster counseling and health and wellness counseling. Craig has a collaborative style and the ability to put people at ease. This allows his clients to focus on, and talk through their difficulties on the way to finding solutions that are comfortable for them. I have always enjoyed working with Craig.

Leo M. Hartz M.D. Experienced Managed Health Care Executive

Craig is a great listener and has great insight, is able to see the whole picture and make positive recommendations for moving forward. Craig is very good at what he does. I would highly recommend Craig.

Barbara Daiker, RN, PhD Technical Director of Geospatial Data Services and Watershed Management at NTM Engineering

Craig is a great listener and has great insight, is able to see the whole picture and make positive recommendations for moving forward. Craig is very good at what he does. I would highly recommend Craig.

Paul DeBarry Technical Director of Geospatial Data Services and Watershed Management at NTM Engineering

Craig is knowledgeable and skilled in communicating about issues of human resource management and interpersonal interaction.

Sue Spry Vice President of Workforce and Community Development at Luzerne County Community College

Craig was hired by our firm to facilitate team building and organizational change at the management level. Craig provided valuable insight into individual team members’ strengths and made suggestions of ways to utilize those strengths to support the team with an immediate goal to improve communication and performance and ultimately profitability for the firm. He also provided feedback to team members on a one on one basis to develop areas needing improvement. His insights were very valuable for not only the individual team members, but for the firm as a whole.

Chrissy Himler Regional Marketing Manager/Sr. Project Manager at Reilly Associates

In 2010, Craig presented Strategies for Increasing Employee Engagement & Satisfaction to the NEPA Customer Service Consortium. His presentation style was inspiring and warm as he provided members with ideas and actionable ways to motivate and engage employees to deliver exceptional customer service and how to increase employee satisfaction. Members were delighted with Craig’s presentation and advice in the Q&A that followed. From an event organizer perspective, he was a pleasure to work with.

Karla Porter
 Human Capital Management & Workforce Development Consultant

A couple of years ago, we asked Craig Pizo to come in to a Board retreat to facilitate some discussion and to help us develop better Board team building and communication. Craig is very personable and is excellent at helping an organization have frank discussion while keeping the mood cordial and friendly.

In our case, Craig’s work helped us to develop a more open culture in which we can discuss items that may have been awkward in the past.

Bob Wolford Executive Director at Grand Rapids Ophthalmology

Craig Piso has guided our efforts to improve leadership skills for our organization. We would highly recommend him to anyone seeking improvement in this crucial area.

Mike Haney

When writing a recommendation, I choose my words carefully. Dr. Piso is a well-intentioned, distinguished, top-selling author and expert presenter, who delivers a high-caliber, POWERFUL series of messages to the workplace – which I choose to call “The Piso Effect”. I would recommend his work and service to any organization interested in the betterment of its employees, its customers, and its overall success.

John McDonald Talent Specialist, Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania (incl. Health Management Systems & AllOne Health)

While I was with Penn Millers Insurance Company, we retained Craig to work on several initiatives.

Craig was instrumental in facilitating our Senior Leadership team in the development of our Mission, Vision and Values. He provided the structure we needed to tackle this project, and challenged us in our thinking. He is an expert in group dynamics which was critical in making everyone feel valued and in keeping the process moving in a positive way.

We also engaged Craig to develop and present a program for individuals new to a supervisory role and for some general educational programs for our workforce. Craig is extremely knowledgeable and is a very credible presenter. He connects well with all levels and was highly regarded by our staff.
I highly recommend Craig and always look forward to the opportunity to work with him.

Pat Staples, SPHR Human Resource Consultant at Keystone Human Services

Craig’s intuitive yet targeted approach to organizational coaching makes a lasting difference for teams. Through strengthening and empowering the individual, he helps to create the new patterns of behavior that lead to successful outcomes for the group.

Nina Taggart Chief Medical Officer, Vice President Clinical Operations Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania

Craig is a consumate professional. He is an amazing thinker and genuinely cares for his patients, friends and business associates. He has helped me across states and across time.

Carmella Sebastian Senior Medical Director Clinical Client Solutions at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida

Craig Piso is a professional of integrity, professional and intellectual honesty and creativity.

Ray Naar Propriator at Ray Naar Ph.D.

As an Applied Sports Psychologist, I work with clients on developing their mental toughness, resiliency, and their confidence. I use words such as mindfulness, core strengths, belief system, focus and appreciation to guide clients to act. I have read many self-development books for my own personal growth but also to gain insight and perspective from others in my field. I applaud Dr. Craig Piso’s exemplary book Healthy Power: Pathways to Success in Work, Love and Life. His pearls of ‘healthy power’ are gifts of wisdom. He prescribes simple and direct ways for us to change our unhealthy patterns of living by taking action, by being courageous and thankful so that we reach our full potential to live a life of purpose. We have the power to act responsibly; to use our power to make a positive difference. Thank you, Dr. Piso!

Dr. Marilyn Gansel Life Coach & Sports Psychologist

Craig is an insightful, motivating consultant who has helped my business through strategic planning, leadership training, team building and improved board member interaction and communication.

Bruce Saran Managing Partner at Chester County Eye Care

I would like to thank you for the many times you have counseled our students for our New Choices/New Options Program. I am forwarding a testimonial of our appreciation of your efforts.

The New Choices/New Options Career Development Programs empowers single parents, displaced homemakers, and individuals in transition to participate fully in achieving their educational, personal, and career goals. Many of these individuals are overcoming barriers. Dr. Piso has been instrumental in his vision and insight working with these individuals to help them rebuild their self-confidence and self-esteem. He has been able to present many unique and pragmatic strategies that the participants have been able to immediately implement in their lives. It has been a great pleasure to work with Dr. Piso, and we are grateful for his participation and involvement with the program.

Thank you again for all of your help.

Ann Saxton Director, New Choices/New Options

I am writing this letter in reference to presenter Craig Piso. He is the ultimate professional. His delivery is done in a manner that truly engages the audience. One attendee from a recent program at Marywood University said, “Craig enriched my life professionally and as an added bonus personally.” He is organized, prepared and low maintenance-you just need to give him a microphone and he’ ll do the rest! Craig is a pleasure to work with.

Jill Schroth Professional Continuing Education Director, Marywood University

Craig is one of the most upstanding and upbuilding individuals, I know.  He puts the needs of his clients first and foremost and delivers on his promises and commitments. His demonstration of humility and compassion are worth incorporating in all our lives!

Dr. Nathaniel J. Williams CEO, HumanWorks Affiliates, Inc.